Elias Masonry offers a wide array of services. Some of the services that we provide are…

Exterior Veneers

Masonry veneer uses thin, yet solid, pieces of brick or stone to give your home the appearance of solid masonry, without the associated weight or cost to you. We use choice materials and our highly skilled masons will give your home a beautiful stone look.

Interior Veneers

Similar to the way tile is laid with mortar, stone or brick veneer gives the appearance of a solid brick or stone wall. What separates us from other masonry companies or do-it yourselfers is experience, precision and choice materials. The end result is a stunning, quality set interior.


Modern stucco is a cement plaster mix that is a durable, low-maintenance, and attractive option for the exterior of your home or business. We don’t take any short cuts in the process of applying stucco to your exterior so the result is a long lasting, beautiful look.


In masonry cement work is referred to as flatwork. If you need a driveway, stairs, sidewalk, curb, garage apron, and more, we can help. We have many creative and custom options for you that our expert flatwork masons can bring to life.


A fireplace is a central gathering spot in many homes and cabins. Make a statement with your fireplace by choosing Elias Masonry. From simple to complex, we can design and build your dream fireplace.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an attractive and effective way to stabilize sloped terrains. Whether it’s to stop your yard from eroding away or to accentuate the unique landscape of your yard we can design and build you a quality, long-lasting retaining wall.


As the name implies, foundations are important to the integrity of any structure. Don’t take chances on some inexpensive, inexperienced mason. If done improperly a foundation won’t be able to support your structure and other issues such as seepage can damage your building. Our expert masons can design and build you a solid, long lasting foundation of any size or shape, including CMU, footings, ICF, and poured walls.

Repair Work

As the old adage goes ‘There is no job too big or small’ that we can’t take on. Need some work down on an aging foundation? Is your retaining wall no longer retaining your yard? Does your sidewalk look like the San Andreas fault? We can perform just about any repair.